“Hi Melissa – I’m so happy to tell you that my cholesterol went down 20 points!! Thank you so much for all of your great advice & wonderful recipes because it really helped me out a lot. I did everything you recommended & cut out gluten.” – Wendy B.

“Sprouting Souls has opened my eyes to new foods to help me succeed in developing a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.” – Lisa

“Andrea, you are so encouraging to work with.  Thank you for teaching me healthy habits and introducing me to new super foods that I would never have tried on my own.” – Lisa M.

“The Living Lean Program was an answer to prayers.  It came up at just the right time for me, when I had received yet more bad news from my doctor.  My health was going downhill and I needed to make changes.  I was so ready to begin!  Before, I was intimidated about going to the gym, but now I feel comfortable there.  I know what to do.  I used to eat out a lot, but now I feel empowered to prepare nutritious meals at home.  Every day I try to eat beans, greens and grains.  I’ve tried lots of foods I never even heard of before.  This program has really been just what I needed, when I needed it.  Thank you for offering this life changing program.” – Pamela

“I significantly lowered not only my intake of fast food, but my daughter’s as well.  I walk more and do more activities with my teenage daughter.”

What are our clients most surprised to learn about nutrition, while working with Sprouting Souls?  Here is what a few of them have said:

– “Tracking everything I ate was the best tool for keeping on track””

– “greens are good for you and yummy”

– “how easy it is to choose better ingredients to increase the health of our meals”

– “issues with sugar”

– “the hidden preservatives and engineered foods in our food supply and organic foods are better for us”


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