Another Reason To STOP Drinking Soda!

Please read this if you are still drinking soda!  This study was done using two cans of soda per day. A can of soda is 12 oz. That’s 24 oz of soda per day used in this study. If you’re driving through McDonald’s to grab a medium soda (21 oz…) or a large (32 oz) read on to learn what you could be doing to your kidneys.  Scary to think what we are doing to the tiny people in our lives when we think we are “treating” them to a soda!
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Finally U.S To Ban Trans Fats?

I was excited to see this article today. Just yesterday I was trying to buy tortillas at Target and there was not a single brand that did not have hydrogenated oil (trans fat) in its ingredient list. Of course, the front of the package touted “zero trans fats per serving” because of a loophole that allows up to .5 grams per serving without showing it on the nutrition index.  The Institute of Medicine has stated that there are no safe levels of trans fats for human consumption so this loophole has always made me crazy!  Read on for more info!

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National Oatmeal Day Tomorrow

Oatmeal doesn’t get all the recognition it deserves these days.  With “quinoa” this and “farro” that, oatmeal has sadly been left behind.  Well, it’s time to celebrate oatmeal again (who knew it had its own day??).  Here is a great article that outlines the benefits of adding oatmeal to your diet and includes a few yummy recipes to try as well.

There’s HOW much sugar in that?

There’s HOW much sugar in that?

This is a great article (with photos) that shows just how much sugar we are eating daily. If you aren’t reading labels, you may be putting your health at risk without ever realizing it. Read on!  (and don’t forget to read those labels!)

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Switch to Himalayan Rock Salt

This is a great article that should convince us that it really is time to give up the fast and processed food.  I always think of the unhealthy fat and calories being the biggest problem, but now there is evidence that the salt found in these foods is linked to autoimmune diseases(MS, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more).  Here is just an excerpt from the article on the True Activist site. I have also included a link if you are interested in reading the entire article.  It does a great job of explaining why processed salt is not such a good choice for our health.


“Refined, processed and bleached salts are the problem. Salt is critical to  our health and is the most readily available nonmetallic mineral in the world.  Our bodies are not designed to processed refined sodium chloride since it has no  nutritional value. However, when a salt is filled with dozens of minerals such  as in rose-coloured crystals of Himalayan rock salt or the grey texture of  Celtic salt, our bodies benefit tremendously for their incorporation into our  diet.

“These mineral salts are identical to the elements of which our bodies have  been built and were originally found in the primal ocean from where life  originated,” argues Dr Barbara Hendel, researcher and co-author of Water &  Salt, The Essence of Life. “We have salty tears and salty perspiration. The  chemical and mineral composition of our blood and body fluids are similar to sea  water. From the beginning of life, as unborn babies, we are encased in a sack of  salty fluid.”

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We hear a lot about buying organic whenever possible and the “dirty dozen” (the 12 fruits and vegetables that are the most highly contaminated and therefore the most important ones to buy organic).  But have you heard of the “Clean 15”?  I saw this in Dr. Andrew Weil’s new magazine publication and thought I’d share.  It’s nice to know that there is some produce that we don’t have to worry quite so much about.  I still give these a thorough scrubbing though!



















11 Banned Foods We Are Eating!

Aren’t we supposed to be living in one of the most advanced countries on the planet? Well, in many ways, I say, “not so much!” Read ingredients on EVERY box and bag, especially those you feed to your kids! Why should our children be eating ingredients (on a daily basis for many!) that are outlawed in several other countries? Something’s not right!

11 Banned Ingredients We Eat in the U.S

By The Daily Meal | Shine Food – Tue, Jul 2, 2013 12:09 PM EDT
We sure do love unhealthy food in the U.S. Eleven ingredients considered unhealthy and dangerous are banned in countries around the world. But not in the U.S. In fact, those ingredients are found in food and drink that Americans consume regularly, according to ABC News.

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The banned ingredients include:

1. Blue #1 food coloring
2. Blue # 2 food coloring
3. Yellow # 5 food coloring
4. Yellow # 6 food coloring
5. Red #40 food coloring
6. Brominated vegetable oil (found in sodas)
7. Bromated flour (used in baking)
8. Olean (found in potato chips)
9. Preservatives butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
10. Growth hormones rBGH and rBST (found in dairy products)
11. Arsenic found in chicken feed

Food manufacturers aren’t necessarily including these ingredients in their products because they want to poison people. The ingredients might be a part of a product’s original formula or the manufacturers just might not know that they are there or that they are harmful, according to Mira Calton, a licensed certified nutritionist and co-author of Rich Food, Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System.