Trying Jessica Alba’s Green Drink

After seeing actress Jessica Alba on all the talk shows this week, we decided to try her green drink that she mentioned.  We didn’t have her exact proportions, just the ingredient list, so it was “experimental” to say the least.  But, hey, we had fun and certainly got a good dose of greens in the process!


Let them loose in the kitchen!

I’m always amazed at what my kids will eat (or drink) if they’ve created it themselves.   I hate a mess in my kitchen but I’m trying to really loosen up on this and allow my kids to get in there and, well, make a mess.   I want to send all my kids out into the world with the skills to cook up lots of simple, healthy, yummy meals for themselves and their  friends so that pizza and fast food don’t have to be their only options.   (Not that I’d know anything about that….freshman 15 anyone?)

Henry loved this juice he came up with…not sure what he would have thought if I had been the one to invent it:)

Peace and juice,


How to Roast Asparagus

Now is the perfect time to bring home some fresh asparagus. Tender spears are just now arriving at the grocery stores and farmers markets and the peak season will run through July on the east coast.  I roasted some on Friday for dinner and we all loved it. With the few spears left over I made a goat cheese and asparagus omelet on Saturday morning. Henry declared it, “the best omelet ever!”  (two points for mom:)

Look for firm, skinny spears that aren’t too woody at the base.  For the full nutritional punch, prepare and consume within a day or two.  Loaded with vitamin K,  asparagus is also heralded as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant.  These properties are some of the best risk reducers on the planet for common health problems like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.


Peace and asparagus!



Andy’s First Smoothie Lesson

My brother in-law Andy finished doing the Clean while I was visiting with them last weekend.  He felt so good he wanted to continue doing smoothies in the morning. So, as promised, I taught him how to make a smoothie with real food. (He had been using the Clean supplements).

Apple Kale Smoothie:

one whole apple

frozen pineapple


chia seeds

oat bran

spirulina powder

almond milk


Here is Andy’s first smoothie lesson:

Keep it Real! -Andrea

How to make Apple Lentil Salad Video

We have had a few requests to do a “how to” video so we decided to make one on “How to make an Apple Lentil Salad”.  It’s pretty funny and I wish that I would have taken out my bag of recycling before we started to video but none the less, here it is.  Our first attempt, our first take, and our first time camera man (Scott).  Let us know what you think.