Eat, Drink and be Merry………just not too Merry!

I can’t believe the holidays are here already!

Enjoy- Andrea


Halloween, Tricks for the Treats.

With Halloween quickly approaching I have been in somewhat of a dilemma as far as what we are handing out for our trick or treats.  After a year of helping families navigate the craziness of meal planning, recipes, reading labels and creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle, I felt like “I can’t hand out candy for crying out loud, there are many trick or treat options out there that are not candy”.  We thought about balloons, stickers and vampire teeth.  All totally fun options.  But after running these ideas past our kids (Melissa’s and mine), I realized that I was losing the meaning of Sprouting Souls.  Balance!  This is Halloween, one night a year.  I need to let it be what it is.

A treat is just that, a treat!  If you are eating healthy every day there is plenty of room for a treat now and then.  I know what you may be thinking.  You may live in a neighborhood where the houses are 10 feet apart and the kids gather an exorbitant amount of candy in such a short amount of time.  I know!  I live in one of those neighborhoods. My husband brought a backpack one year to carry the excess candy.  Ridiculous!  We actually forgot about it and found it almost a year later when we needed the backpack for camping.

I agree, it is just too much candy but they don’t have to eat it all.  Our dentist office has a buy back program where the kids can sell their excess candy to the dentist at $1.00 a pound and they send it to U.S. Soldiers that are deployed overseas. One year, we made up little baggies of candy and took it to an Assisted Living Home in our area.  You choose how many pieces they can keep and give the rest away.  I have to for my own health because God knows that I will be the one eating it all!  Here are just a few tricks for your Halloween treats:

  • Hand out stickers, pencils, spider rings or funny erasers. (If you feel like you just don’t want candy)
  • Hand out one piece of candy at a time or ask the trick or treater to please only take one piece.
  • As you are out trick or treating try to slow down the pace.  Ask you child about their trick or treat and have them show it to you. (Also makes for a safer experience)
  • Ask your child to only take one piece of candy from each house. (Unattended candy bowls on the front porch is an open invitation for a fist full of goodies)
  • When the candy comes home just keep an eye on it and let the kids know that this is not their new source of nourishment for the next month.
  • Find a buy back program in your area or create a donation idea of your own.

Please share with us any ideas you may have or things you and your family have done in the past.  We would love to hear them! -Andrea.

Also, visit www.andreahoyt.com to find out more about the Sprouting Souls philosophy about Balance and Living 80/20.

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

On Valentine’s Day  we celebrate and nurture our  relationships with the people our hearts beat for.   With hearts and love on everyone’s mind this morning I just wanted to remind you to also celebrate your own heart. Remember to nurture the heart that is in your chest. The one that beats for you every second of every day of your life!

Love yourself so that you can love others longer!

Visit http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/ for great information on living a heart healthy lifestyle.

XO -Andrea

Our Favorite Things Day 11

Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone

Ecotools is a line of beauty and bathing products created by Alicia Silverstone that are earth-friendly in its materials and packaging.  My favorite is the small cosmetics bag.  The brushes are made with bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and 100% cruelty free bristles.  It is the perfect size to keep your make-up, a few necessities and brushes all together in one place.  It fits nicely in a tote, carry on or gym bag without taking up to much extra space.  Alicia’s message is “Live beautifully – stay kind to yourself and the earth.”  It is important to be kind to yourself and remember you are beauty-full.

 I bought my bag at Target but you can also visit www.eco-tools.com for a list of retailers.

Merry Christmas – Andrea

Our Favorite Things Day 10

Pacifica Solid Perfume

I love this stuff!  I’m sensitive to most perfumes, it either makes me sneeze or my neck breaks out in little bumps, but Pacifica doesn’t irritate at all.   Tiny little tins of the most amazing all-natural scents. No parabens or phthalates, just a hint of scent inspired by nature.  I love the tin too, no chance of it spilling into my make-up drawer and it’s easy to throw in my purse for travel.  I’m into the Waikiki Pikake right now….jasmine and sandalwood, and the Brazilian Mango Grapefruit is perfect for summer. The hardest part is deciding what scent to buy next, but at $9.00 a tin I might pick out a few!  Just a hint to the husbands…they make a great stocking stuffer:)

Pacifica is available at Sephora, Whole Foods, or online at the link below. Their candles are awesome too!


Happy Holidays,


Favorite Things Day 5

Trader Joe’s Lavender Body Oil

This spray bottle of lavender oil is so comforting on dry winter skin. Spray it on when you are still a little damp from the shower and it lasts all day. Of course, it smells pretty wonderful too!  Lavender is known for its relaxing, sedative properties, so this oil is perfect for kids and adults after a nighttime bath. I’m yawning just thinking about it…


Our Favorite Things Day 4

ORIGINS Smoothing Souffle

Happiness is an important part of being healthy and ORIGINS Smoothing Souffle body cream makes me happy!  This is a tradition I have had for myself for about 7 years.  After Halloween but before Thanksgiving I buy this Smoothing Souffle cream for myself.  It’s scent is derived from field mint, spearmint, orange and rosemary. It makes me feel revived and gives me the extra energy I need to get ready for the holidays.  I now associate that smell with the happiness and excitement that this time of year brings and it’s a little extra something special that I do for myself.  This body cream is formulate without parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, PABA, synthetic color or fragrance. It leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth all day.  www.origins.com

Make it Real. Keep it Simple. Make it Matter. – Andrea