1. Run a Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon……check!

I am so proud of Team Sprouting Souls!
It was a long, hard, fun, crazy, 5 months and I have to say that I couldn’t have done it without you all. You are all an inspiration to me in a different and wonderful way. Thank you girls, you’re awesome!!



Libby Rocks the Disney Half Marathon!

libby disney marathonI see a Sprouting Soul in the crowd! Find something that motivates you to do something good for yourself and get to it!  With a  boot-legged bib from the stroller corral, Libby put on her running shoes and rocked the Disney Half Marathon!  Her motivation?  It may have been the awesome medal at the end, it may have been the opportunity for her children to cheer her on and experience how fun and rewarding exercise can be.  Whatever the motivation was for Libby, she has definitely rekindled my excitement for the Disney Princess Half Marathon next month.

Training has been slow going since the holidays but now I have a little more motivation to get back to it!  You rock Libby, love the medal, love your die-hard factor, love the Sprouting Souls shirt, love you!  Way to go!

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Get to it!

– Andrea

“You must be on CRACK”!

I feel like it has been forever since I sat down to write a post.  I’ve missed you! I have a Run, Run, Robin update.  Sunday we ran 7 miles.  That was a first for all of us.  We headed out to the American Tobacco Trail to enjoy the peaceful scenery and the 100 other runners, walkers and bikers that were out there. It was a little busy.  All those darn people wanting to be healthy! Just kidding.

If anyone would have told me 6 or 7 years ago that I would wake up at 9:30 on a Sunday morning so I could go for a 7 mile run I would have thought they were crazy.  If they would have said that with sore legs and all that I couldn’t wait to run again on Tuesday I would have told them, “you must be on CRACK”.

Well, here it is Tuesday and I’m getting ready to hit the sidewalk in about 15 minutes and can’t wait.  It’s almost as if it has become a welcomed torture.  I’m beginning to get hints of the runners high here and there if only for a second or two and I like it.  High five to a free high that is good for you and legal:)

Can’t stop running!



Run, Run, Robin and a Fabulous 5

Great job Team Sprouting Souls!  I can only speak for myself but there is no way I could have or had the desire to get up early and go for a run after a night of fun.  We had a chili cook off, beer/wine, a bonfire, smores and lots of fun Saturday night but on  Sunday morning we got up and headed out to the American Tobacco Trail and ran our first 5 miles.  We paced ourselves at a 3 to 1 run/walk pace and made it in 1 hour and 8 minutes, awesome for a bunch of non-runners!  We had 5 fabulous friends and 5 beautiful miles, I think that we were all pretty proud of ourselves.  I have found on this longer run that even though we are together there is also time to be alone with your own thoughts and I even found myself drifting into somewhat of a meditative state.  It was great.  It was all great! This was a first for all of us and we were glad to have accomplished it together.  I know that I couldn’t have or wouldn’t have done it without my girls.  Here’s to living 80/20!  It’s also the first day of our 4 day   Jump Start Detox to get ready for the next phase of Run, Run, Robin.  I am definitely looking forward to it!

Make it Matter. -Andrea

Congratulations Athletes! You Inspire Me!

Do you ever take a moment to just sit back and take in the awe of the people you love?  This has been a weekend of that for me.  I am so amazed and inspired by my family and friends this past weekend I can’t get the smile off of my face.  People I have known for more than half of my life and people I have known for only a few years have given me such hope for what I inspire to do in my life.  I never would have imagined that we would be  this active and health conscious coming from the lifestyles that we did.  It’s pretty crazy, don’t you think my 2 a.m Taco Bell friends?

My friend and neighbor raced her way through a 1/2 Iron Man Marathon with a hip that wasn’t 100% and had the fastest time from our area, my best friend ran her first 5K, my brother-in-law ran his first 1/2 marathon (both through Detroit)and my husband did his fifth 1/2 Iron Man and came in 3rd place in his category.  I am so proud!!

The fastest growing group of tri-athletes are women with the largest rise in the 40 and older age group.  That is inspiring. There is a lot of hard work and perseverance that goes into training for a marathon.  You have to be dedicated to getting up and out and moving.  That is the first step, even if it is a baby step (in the case of the 1/2 marathon in February we are training for).

Beach to BattleShip is always a fun time and inspiring to see all different shapes, sizes, ages and genders pushing themselves to go beyond their limits to achieve a goal that brings instant gratification and the ability to feel and say “YES, I DID IT” from the bottom of their toes.  What a feeling!!!!!

Congratulations my inspirational athletes. I am SO proud of you! You are Sprouting Souls!!


Run, Run, Robin – Team Sprouting Souls

Anyone that knows me knows that the reason I love Pilates and Yoga so much is because it is an exercise you can do laying down on a mat.  So many may be surprised at the fact that I have decided to run a half marathon (HALF marathon) so I consider myself only half crazy!  I have a friend that was ready to check something off of her bucket list and I told her that I would support her 110% if this is something she really wanted to do………she does.  Did I mention that I am not a big fan of Disney World either.  Did I mention that this is a Princess Half Marathon at Disney World?  LOL! I am so laughing at myself right now.  Well, after the big announcement a couple of weeks ago we have also recruited two other friends to join us.  After “you guys are crazy”, “I’m not a runner”, “I hate running” as so on, we have two other friends that said “Count me in!”  Yay!!

At 42, with a husband and 3 kids, I have found  it is a little more difficult to do something outside of the box and a little bit crazy without having any major repercussions.  But for me this is totally crazy.  Our plan is to start out slow (so we don’t hurt ourselves) and build up to a running or more like jogging pace that will last longer than 5 minutes without feeling like we are going to die.  That is our goal for next week anyway.  My personal longterm goal in this is to be able to do down dog and NOT see the texture issues I have on my thighs.  I figure if I can’t make that go away after 5 months of training and running a half marathon than it is NEVER going away and I am OK with that.  I guess I just want to see if it is possible.

If anyone has any running tips for a few novice runners, we would be glad to hear about them. ANYTHING at all will be helpful. We are currently running 3 days a week and today we ran for 1 minute and walked for 1.5 minutes for 2 miles.  I will still find my way to my mat.  I am going to need it more that ever!  Anyone else feel like doing something crazy?

Faster. Stronger. Longer.  Go Team Sprouting Souls!