National Oatmeal Day Tomorrow

Oatmeal doesn’t get all the recognition it deserves these days.  With “quinoa” this and “farro” that, oatmeal has sadly been left behind.  Well, it’s time to celebrate oatmeal again (who knew it had its own day??).  Here is a great article that outlines the benefits of adding oatmeal to your diet and includes a few yummy recipes to try as well.


There’s HOW much sugar in that?

There’s HOW much sugar in that?

This is a great article (with photos) that shows just how much sugar we are eating daily. If you aren’t reading labels, you may be putting your health at risk without ever realizing it. Read on!  (and don’t forget to read those labels!)

peace and greens,


Email Hoax

I am sorry to say that I found out the link about the John’s Hopkins Cancer Update was an email hoax. I was so excited to see something that I believe in so greatly, put out by someone so reputable, that I didn’t do my research before sharing it with all of you.

I have taken down the post because  it is one thing to share my opinion about something and quite another to have content that has been distorted. Both Melissa and I promise to never give you false or misleading information.

Here is a link to the official John’s Hopkins site with their comments regarding this email hoax.

If you do read the John’s Hopkins comments or “truth” regarding the email hoax, you may be surprised to find the number of similarities between the two.

What does it come down to?  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Again, I am so sorry!