Salsa Eggs with Avocado and Brown Rice

salsa eggs

I normally don’t have a lot of time to spend on making breakfast during the week. As a matter of fact I am usually double fisted with a smoothie and my coffee on the fly but this morning I felt like I needed a little bit more. I was surprised at how quick and easy this was, only 10 minutes! It tasted super delish, made me feel great and I can’t stop thinking about it so I decided to blog it and add it to our upcoming ebook as a back to school breakfast idea. Oh yah, by the way, keep a look out for our first ebook Back to School Fuel. It will be loaded with back to school breakfast and lunch recipes and a list of great snack ideas. All of the recipes are quick, easy, kid approved and nutritious (we’ll even tell you why).  So, back to my eggs! Below is my recipe for Salsa Eggs.  I used a chunky salsa, more of a pico de gallo, to maintain the integrity of the ingredients.  I also used the left over brown rice from our Chinese take-out the other night (also delish).

Salsa Eggs with Avocado and Brown Rice

2 eggs

2 T. milk

2 T. chunky salsa

1/2 avocado

1/2 cup brown rice

Place your pan on medium heat. In a small bowl, whisk together eggs and milk.  Spoon in salsa and stir. Pour egg mixture into pan and stir occasionally until eggs are light and fluffy.  Slice avocado, heat rice and place both onto a plate.  When eggs are finish, spoon them on top.

Egg yolks are one of the richest sources of the B-complex vitamin, choline, which supports neurological  function and reduces inflammation.  Avocado adds omega-3 fatty acids (also good for the brain) and brown rice digests slowly to keep you fuller longer.  This will leave you feeling great all morning!

*and possibly into the afternoon as I am writing this post Melissa is bugging me to go to lunch and I’m still full from breakfast! 🙂

Keep it Real. Keep it Simple. Make it Matter. – Andrea


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