Dinner with Friends

Shrimp Pasta Dinner
Shrimp Pasta Dinner

One of my greatest loves is dinner with friends and family. I feel nourished not only with food but also with love, friendship and joy. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to prepare a healthful meal. I appreciate the moments we steal to sit down together and share stories from our day or a memory from the past. I appreciate and am thankful for the food we are blessed with. I believe that when a meal is made with love, that love translates to all of those who eat it. Make a meal and invite someone you love. They’ll love you for it!
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11 Banned Foods We Are Eating!

Aren’t we supposed to be living in one of the most advanced countries on the planet? Well, in many ways, I say, “not so much!” Read ingredients on EVERY box and bag, especially those you feed to your kids! Why should our children be eating ingredients (on a daily basis for many!) that are outlawed in several other countries? Something’s not right!

11 Banned Ingredients We Eat in the U.S

By The Daily Meal | Shine Food – Tue, Jul 2, 2013 12:09 PM EDT
We sure do love unhealthy food in the U.S. Eleven ingredients considered unhealthy and dangerous are banned in countries around the world. But not in the U.S. In fact, those ingredients are found in food and drink that Americans consume regularly, according to ABC News.

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The banned ingredients include:

1. Blue #1 food coloring
2. Blue # 2 food coloring
3. Yellow # 5 food coloring
4. Yellow # 6 food coloring
5. Red #40 food coloring
6. Brominated vegetable oil (found in sodas)
7. Bromated flour (used in baking)
8. Olean (found in potato chips)
9. Preservatives butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
10. Growth hormones rBGH and rBST (found in dairy products)
11. Arsenic found in chicken feed

Food manufacturers aren’t necessarily including these ingredients in their products because they want to poison people. The ingredients might be a part of a product’s original formula or the manufacturers just might not know that they are there or that they are harmful, according to Mira Calton, a licensed certified nutritionist and co-author of Rich Food, Poor Food: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System.