Quick and Easy Summer Salad Recipe – Zucchini and Black Bean

zuccini salad

Looking for a quick and easy summer salad to make and eat on the go? Here’s one for you. It’s great to take and eat on the go, say a swim meet, baseball game or what ever you have going on now that it is summer sport time. It’s great to take to work the next day too. This easy summer salad recipe is actually better on the second day because the zucchini has time to take in all of the flavors and marinate in the olive oil and lime juice. Doesn’t this salad just look so pretty? Beautiful food inside, beautiful you outside. Here’s the recipe:

1 zucchini diced into quarters
1 yellow summer squash diced into quarters
1 can black beans rinsed and drained
1 hand full of chopped fresh cilantro
1 quart cherry tomatoes cut in half
2 T. olive oil
juice of one whole fresh lime
salt and pepper to taste

Throw it all into a bowl, give it a toss and serve. Are you on the fly? Put it in a red Solo cup and stick a plastic spoon in it. Grab a roll of paper towel or some napkins and don’t forget a plastic grocery bag and you are good to go! Watch your fellow sports fans look at you with envy as you eat your fresh, healthy meal. Feel free to let them know where you got the idea!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in about a bagillion years. Just like you all, I’m trying to find balance in the crazy time we call life.
What is you favorite go to summer meal? Please share with us. We love to hear about what you are doing!

Keep it Real. Keep it Simple. Make it Matter. -Andrea


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