Libby Rocks the Disney Half Marathon!

libby disney marathonI see a Sprouting Soul in the crowd! Find something that motivates you to do something good for yourself and get to it!  With a  boot-legged bib from the stroller corral, Libby put on her running shoes and rocked the Disney Half Marathon!  Her motivation?  It may have been the awesome medal at the end, it may have been the opportunity for her children to cheer her on and experience how fun and rewarding exercise can be.  Whatever the motivation was for Libby, she has definitely rekindled my excitement for the Disney Princess Half Marathon next month.

Training has been slow going since the holidays but now I have a little more motivation to get back to it!  You rock Libby, love the medal, love your die-hard factor, love the Sprouting Souls shirt, love you!  Way to go!

Want to get a Sprouting Souls Team together for your next event? We can help you do that!
Contact me at

Get to it!

– Andrea


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