Instant Cough Relief

organic throat coat
instant cough relief

There has been a cough lingering in my house for about 4 weeks now.  My daughter has managed to keep it to herself until about 3 days ago and now has shared it with my son.  Yay, sharing!

To me, night-time coughing is the worst.  It is either to early to give them another dose of cough medicine or they are sound asleep and don’t even realize they are coughing and I don’t want to be the one to wake them up to tell them they are coughing and try to get them to swallow cough syrup.  AND, if I do have to give them cough syrup, there is a waiting period for it to start working.

Well, last night at 1:20 a.m. coughing! First, not enough time had passed for a second dose, then he was sound asleep and didn’t know he was coughing.  Of course I couldn’t sleep and when I had an indication that he was awake too, I went in for the kill.  Poor kid could not stop coughing to save his life.  I remembered an article I had read a while back about hot tea relaxing the muscles in your throat to help sooth a cough so I went down to the kitchen and made him a cup.

Organic Throat Coat by Traditional Medicinals is one of my favorites for a sore throat or cough.  I put in a full teaspoon of raw organic honey and had him drink it.  I didn’t hear another peep for the rest of the night. It is a remedy that works for instant cough relief. You have the warm tea working to relax their throat and body and honey to coat their throat.  It may also buy you some time while their cough syrup kicks in.  Of course this isn’t just a night-time remedy.  I try to have my kids sip tea or warm water with honey a few times a day when they have a cough or sore throat and I have found that it works just as well or sometimes better than OTC cold medicines and I feel better about giving them natural remedies when possible.

The next time you are looking for instant cough relief try a warm cup of tea, warm water with lemon and/or honey or any warm beverage to help sooth and relax the throat muscles.  Plus, it just feels good  to hold a warm mug:)

Keep Calm and Carry On! – Andrea


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