Killing A Cold Quickly!

photoI never knew it was possible to cut a cold duration to less than half but I’m now a believer. A few years ago when Oprah and Dr. Oz were singing the praises of the neti pot I ran to Whole Foods and bought one.  I’m sure you’ve seen one, that little white ceramic pot that you are supposed to stick up one nostril and then watch the magic as the water then drips out the opposite nostril.  Well, I looked at the box on my bathroom counter for at least a week and read the directions at least a dozen times. I even got into position and stuck the spout in the right place. Couldn’t do it.  Was totally grossed out at the thought. (Returned the pot to Whole Foods and got a full refund even after I told them it had sort of been used:)

So, with all the sickness in the schools right now, my kids were home a few different days in the last two weeks. I was rocking along,  so proud of myself for staying healthy. Got everyone back to school, started to resume the million Christmas shopping errands on my list,  and BAM…I got a BAD cold. The kind where your head feels like it has grown double in size and all you want to do is curl up in pjs and close your eyes.  That’s when Andrea marched me into Target and told me to buy the NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit.  It is not a pot, but a squeeze bottle.  She promised me my cold would be MUCH better in a day or two if I used it. I was super skeptical. In the past, when I got a cold this bad it would take at least a week to be over it and feeling good without medication.  Something about the squeeze bottle seemed less scary than the ceramic pot, and remember, I was feeling miserable and would have tried just about anything.  The first try was scary and funny at the same time even though the directions are simple and easy to follow.  I forgot myself and breathed in at the wrong moment…almost drowned myself!  Well, I might be exaggerating a little, but it was kind of yucky. Of course, most people would stay focused during such a task and NOT breathe in at the wrong time.  Anyhow, the second time was much easier and by the third time I felt like an old pro.  The instant relief is a great motivator:)

It’s a miracle I tell you!  The instructions say it can be used up to 4 times per day. I used it right away when I got it home and again before bed. I woke up feeling at least 70% better. The next day I used it morning, noon, and night. The following day my cold was all but gone.  No sleep-inducing meds, no days spent in bed.

I’m planning on getting my kids to try this out as well. The research shows it can truly help to ward off cold and flu bugs.  Just imagine all the bacteria that ends up in your nose during this time of year. If you are consistently flushing it out there is much less chance of  getting sick.  Healthy Holidays sound like a welcome idea to me!

Healthy Hugs To All,



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