Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Holiday

We are so thankful for all of you who have supported Sprouting Souls this year!  Your encouragement and kind words mean the world to both of us.  As we prepare to celebrate with friends and family tomorrow, we thought we would throw out a few tips and tricks to have a wonderful day without feeling like a bloated turkey on Friday!  If you have been working hard at making healthy lifestyle choices, eating whole foods, and exercising ’til you feel the burn, there is no need to toss it all away for one day or one meal!

  • Have a healthful, filling breakfast (think warm oatmeal with berries or scrambled eggs with whole-grain toast).
  • If you are having a late Thanksgiving feast, eat a green salad and/or soup for lunch (if you are cooking and can’t take the time, at least have a piece of fruit).
  • If the feast starts with appetizers, seek out the veggies, go light on the dip. Offer to help in the kitchen or take some family photos to keep your hands busy.
  • Take part in the local Turkey Trot or have a post-dinner stroll through the neighborhood with whomever you can drag along.
  • ENJOY your Thanksgiving dinner!  Have everything you want, don’t super-size the portions, SLOW DOWN and savor every bite, every sight and smell.  No one has ever gone up a dress size because of one meal!
  • Oh, and one last thing, absolutely NO pulling the elastic maternity pants out of the attic to wear to dinner!  In fact, wear a belt:)





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