Losing It The Old Fashioned Way

I love to hear stories of people who have lost weight the old fashioned way.  Do you remember Marissa Jaret Winokur from the Broadway Show Hair Spray?  She was also on Dancing With The Stars and in one of my favorite movies, American Beauty. She was the girl working the drive thru at Mr. Smileys, one of the best scenes ever!  She has a bright, smiling personality that is fun to watch and has always embraced her big girl curves. But after hearing some concern from her doctor regarding her cholesterol, she decided to lose weight “the old fashioned way”.  I watched an interview with her this morning on Good Morning America and she talked about how eating right, exercise and prepping her day is what made it happen.  What does it mean to prep your day?  Leave the house prepared!  Whether you’re planning a day at the office, running errands, or getting on an airplane, have your meals planned ahead. Know what you are making for dinner that night when you get home, pack a lunch or snack and take it with you or try not to leave your house hungry.  Now that Marissa has made this part of her life she talks to her son about food and all of the good things it does for his body.  Love it!  Sometimes all we need is someone to motivate, educate and support us onto the path of wellness and we can do the rest.  Sprouting Souls believes that true and lasting health and happiness is something that has to start within you and over time grows into the way you move through life.  It’s a feeling, a way of being.  I guess that’s why I love this story.

To find out more about how Sprouting Souls can help you get on your path, check out the Sprouting Souls Approach, the Programs we offer, or contact us as andrea@sproutingsouls.com or melissa@sproutingsouls.com.

Have a great day today. -Andrea


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