Persistence Pays Off When It Comes to Healthy Eating!

She likes it!  She likes it!  After three years of green smoothies in my house, my daughter FINALLY got out a glass, poured herself some of the smoothie I had just made for me and the boys, and proceeded to drink it with a smile on her face!

When I first started drinking green smoothies I couldn’t wait to get all of that goodness into my kids.  The boys liked them right away and I was thrilled. Mae was a different story.  She refused to even try it until I insisted on just a tiny sip.  The way she scrunched up her face and stuck her tongue out was quite comical.  If you know Mae, you know her flair for the dramatic!  I have prodded and cajoled for almost three years.  A few months ago I decided to just shut my mouth, enjoy my green goodness, and just be thankful that 4 out of 5 of us were reaping the benefits.  Then today, out of the blue, while she is sitting there happy as pie with her 2 fried eggs and toast (the girl would eat a dozen eggs a day if I’d let her), she serves herself a little glass of green and drinks it with a grin….go figure.  After I peeled myself off the floor and ran for my camera, I got to thinking about why this took so long….

Was it because I stopped pushing but continued to have it available to her?  Probably so.  I remember reading once that you should serve children the same vegetable at least 6 times, insisting they have at least one bite each time, and eventually they will eat it.  They may not love it, but they won’t whine about it either.  No whining at dinner sounds good to me!   I’m thinking persistence is key.  Hopefully not all kids will take THREE years to try and then like something, but hey, I’ve got the time and so do they.  I’m going to continue to put peas in front of Charlie and zucchini in front of Mae and see what happens!

Peace and greens,



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