Beach to BattleShip Iron Man – The Night Before

It’s the night before the first big Team Sprouting Souls Race: Beach to BattleShip in Wilmington, North Carolina.  We made the two-hour trek over to the beach this afternoon, checked into the race, the hotel and a table for 5.  Libby and Scott are so excited!!  We opted for a light dinner tonight, well not all of us.  Tonight happened to be lobster night at the Blockade Runner so Jack went for it.

It was a great dinner, great night and we are all so excited for tomorrow.  It is supposed to be a beautiful day and Junior, Jack and I will be supporting and cheering Scott and Libby on tomorrow for the big 70.3 miles they will be knocking dead.

Scott filled me in on the way here of things not to say to people who are racing “you can do it”, “you’ll almost there” and “are you ok?”.  I definitely get the last one.  So, at his request we will be yelling  “you rock”, “Go!” and ” you’re kaleing it” (I know, funny).   Good luck to my hunny and my friend.

Go Team Sprouting Souls!

Faster. Stronger. Longer

– Andrea


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