What’s the big deal about GMOs, Part 2

So, what are GMOs doing once they’re inside our bodies?

Evidence suggests that the huge rise in food allergies is due to the rise in GMOs. Think about your children’s classmates….how many are allergic to something?  My second graders each have a handful of kids with allergies in their classes, my son included.  I remember ONE child in my WHOLE elementary school with a peanut allergy!  What is going on here?  Beginning in 1996 bacteria, viruses, and other genes have been inserted into our soy, corn, canola, and cottonseed plants.  These plants bring on allergies because they have created a new protein that the body doesn’t recognize.  Our body then releases antibodies  into the bloodstream to fight this invader.  A typical allergic reaction occurs.  In extreme cases, it results in life-threatening anaphylactic shock.

GMOS have been shown to increase the body’s toxicity.  The more toxins in your body, the higher chance of obesity, cancer, and many other diseases.  Many researchers are beginning to see the link between GMOs and autism, asthma, and eczema in small children. Gastrointestinal conditions such as Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and ulcerative colitis have risen since 1996. Harvard researchers discovered how GMOs are linked to disease of the gut.  To read about this study click here http://howtoeliminatepain.com/crohns-disease/attention-crohn%e2%80%99s-and-ibd-sufferers-%e2%80%93-harvard-researchers-discover-the-obvious-about-how-genetically-modified-foods-lead-to-inflammatory-bowel-disease-crohn%e2%80%99s-and-ulcerative-c/

In lab tests, livestock ingesting GMOs became infertile in a matter of weeks.  Some of these animals have also become very ill and died very quickly.  So the GMOs aren’t working out very well as feed for the cows and pigs, but hey, maybe the humans will fare better?  Does this sound a little risky to you?  MUCH, MUCH more research needs to be done by unbiased labs to find out exactly what is happening when we eat genetically modified foods!

As of right now, our pantries and refrigerators are full of GMOs and we have no labels on any packaging to warn us of this.  If you want to read a good article about the links between GMOs and disease click here http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/02/07/colorado-bans-gmo-crops.aspx

Tomorrow we will continue with what you can do to ensure that you are getting the GMOs out of your kitchen and out of your body!  If  you are feeling a need to do something right now, please sign the petition to get labels on our food products warning us of the GMO ingredients.  Click here to do so http://justlabelit.org/take-action/

Once again, here is the link to the documentary Genetic Roulette, The Gamble Of Our Lives.  (If it is no longer free to view at this link, google it to find another website showing it for free.)http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/09/15/genetic-roulette-gmo-documentary.aspx?e_cid=20120915_DNL_artNew_1

Please pass this information along to those you cherish!


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