Don’t Judge a Food by it’s Cover Says Sprouting Souls

This past spring, my family and I took an impromptu waterfall hiking tour on the Eastern side of North Carolina.  We were surrounded by the purest forms of nature every where we looked.  We even drove through part of a Cherokee Indian reservation where Cherokee Indians still call home.  After a full morning of hiking and in transit to our next destination, we drove down a sunshine filled road with large canopy trees that were really pulling me in, bringing me a feeling of being one with nature.

After miles of preserved roads inhabited by no one we came across the cutest little farm stand, literally in the middle of no where.  My first thought was local produce, yay, “honey turn the car around” and so he did.  So excited I jumped out of the car and grabbed a basket to fill with local road snacks.  As I got a closer look, I began to realize that these things are not in season yet.  I went into talk to the owner of the stand and he told me that nothing was local and he had produce from as far as California.

It’s not that I didn’t know that tomatoes werent in season in March but in that moment I was feeling so “local” and one with nature, I didn’t really process the information fully until I took a moment to stop and think.  I did end up buying peaches from South Carolina because I did love what he had going on with his little road side stand and we were hungry.  I guess my point of sharing this with you is that sometimes we get caught up in what is put in front of us as being “healthy” or “local” or what have you and it is our responsiblity to take a step back and analyze it for ourselves.

Ask questions, read labels and know what the key ingredients are that you want to look for in your food whether good or bad.  Don’t get me wrong about the road side stand.  I am not saying that I wouldn’t eat food that isn’t local.  I love fruits and veggies from anywhere.  It’s just that my mind was in one place and the reality of the situation was not quite the same.

Keep it Real. – Andrea


2 thoughts on “Don’t Judge a Food by it’s Cover Says Sprouting Souls

  1. Ok, I know I am commenting on my own post but seriously, doesn’t it look like they just picked those apples off the trees in their backyard and put them in those cute little baskets for you to buy?

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