How will your unborn baby grow?

Tracy Anderson, fitness trainer to celebrity Moms such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez has been under fire all week for a comment that she made about how women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go. Well, the last thing I need after I just grew and housed another human being in body for the last 9 months is guilt.

After watching an interview with Tracy Anderson this morning on Good Morning America, I think that her intention might have been a little kinder than her actual delivery of the message.

You are growing and housing the most precious thing in the Universe inside your body for 40 weeks and it is of great responsibility to nurture this growing seed. If you just take the time to think about how what you are eating is contributing to the growth of your baby and eating food that will directly make your baby flourish you are off to a great start.

There are so many great foods available to eat that will directly affect your baby’s growth and developement in a positive way and will set a foundation for their health for years beyond your belly. Great for the Mama too!

Eating foods that are low in nutrients contributes nothing to your growing babe. BUT having a treat once in a while is a MUST, right?

When I was pregnant with my first child and had to go in for my blood sugar check, you know the one when you have to fast for so many hours and then drink that nasty orange drink? Well, when I got my test results back I was almost in tears when my Doctor told me that I was border-line diabetic. I thought how in the world could this be? I was eating right, exercising and having my treats occasionally. I had to go back a few weeks later for re-testing and everything was fine. I realized after the fact that what I had the night before my first blood test was a large snickers flurry made with chocolate ice cream, hmmm.

I don’t think that women deliberately treat their bodies as a garbage can during pregnancy. At least I hope not. Maybe it’s something to think about if you are pregnant. Take the time to ask yourself, how is this food I am about to eat going to fuel the growth of my baby and does it contain enough nutrients to have some left over for me? It is such an exciting time, I miss it!

Make it Matter – Andrea


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