Challenge #9

Wow, July flew by!  I think having the 80/20 challenge tucked away in my head may have helped me find balance some of the time.  I will admit to too many fries, slices of pizza, and ice cream cones while at the beach for a week, but I think that just having the idea of striving for balance in the forefront of my mind went a long way.  (And what’s a beach vacation without a few ice cream treats?)  A few healthy salads topped with salmon, a wonderful grilled tuna wrap for lunch (twice!), fruit for snacking at the beach, made for a very enjoyable but not too destructive vacation.

So, for our last challenge of the month I thought we would focus on veggies.  We’ve been talking fruit a lot around here lately but veggies really pack the biggest nutritional punch there is.  The farmer’s markets, roadside stands, and grocery stores are abundant with local vegetables right now.  Instead of grabbing your usual, take a moment to really look around.  What looks a little intimidating?   Is there anything you have never prepared at home before?  Well, now is the time!   Grab that baby and throw it (gently) in the shopping bag!   If you have no idea what to do with it, take it home and google away.  You will be amazed at the ideas right at your fingertips.   There will be super simple recipes and ones that require oodles of ingredients.  Pick one that sounds good and give it a try.  You may find that you have a new favorite, you may find that you have a new least favorite, the point is to try something NEW, get out of your comfort zone!  For some extra fun, involve your kids.   Let them pick out something they’d like to try, then have them help in the research and preparing.  It’s mind-boggling what your kids will eat if they have had something to do with the creating!

We hope you have enjoyed this month of challenges.   If we could all make little changes (like drinking more water), big changes (like giving up soda), and fun changes (like kissing our partners more often!), we’d all be better for it.  Hopefully, you have seen for yourself what a difference a few good choices can make.  After all, healthier and happier is what it’s all about!


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