She threw away his Oreos!

In making a change for the better and getting rid of the temptations in the pantry she threw it all away!  At first I thought, what a totally bold move, I don’t know if I could actually just throw food in the trash and then she said to me “I put the crap food in the trash or in my body, what’s the difference?”  She is not just talking about herself but her 3-year-old son and husband as well.  In an attempt to break the cycle of bad eating for the next generation and raise her son on unprocessed food (as much as possible), she threw it all away.  So, that night when her hubby got home from work and went to the pantry to find it, well, made over, he slowly walked into the living room, peered into the doorway and asks “where is all the food?”  It sparked conversation I’m sure but in the end they came to an agreement.  Her 30-something year-old husband can have his Lucky Charms for breakfast and his Oreos and whatever other junk HE wants to buy HIMSELF, but it is going to be stored on his “special shelf” (in the basement) so that the other 2 members of their family are not faced with the temptation.

They both want to raise a healthy eater and avoid the pitfalls of being raised on junk food, that is agreed.  It just may take Dad a little longer to break the bad habits from his past.  So, I give a shout out to you and anyone else out there that has decided to grow your little one(s) with fresh ingredients instead of the processed  stuff.  It’s not always easy, BUT we are always  here to support you!

A few months ago, Lucky Charms Dad told me that he felt like exposing his child to healthy foods “was like giving him a gift”.  I know all will be well with this family.

– How will your family grow?



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