Challenge #2

After the fun of the 4th we probably need a day to get back in balance.  Pick one day this weekend to eat only whole foods.  Focus on fruit, veggies, and a small portion of seeds and grains.  Here is what my day will look like;  I like to have a little protein for breakfast so I will start with a hard-boiled egg with tomato and avocado for breakfast.  A fruit and greens smoothie for lunch and a green salad with salmon on top for dinner.  Snack on fruits, veggies, and a few nuts throughout the day and drink LOTS of water.


One thought on “Challenge #2

  1. I forgot to mention how I enjoyed my “20” on the 4th of July…well, after a ton of movie popcorn (saw Brave with the the kids, LOVED it!), I followed it up with sushi, peanut m&ms, and a brownie…all quite yummy! Oh, and an adult beverage of course. Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

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