Let’s Live 80/20!!

Wow!  I can’t believe July is upon us already!  Getting kids to day-camps, hanging at the pool, preparing for a week at the beach, then actually being at the beach and eating dinners out; all fun but sometimes lessens my resolve to make whole, healthy food choices or get to an exercise class.  Our Sprouting Souls community will be just the support I need to be more aware of the choices I am making.  We hope you will find a little extra support here as well.  Please share your stories, tips, triumphs, and pitfalls…we want to hear about all of it…the good, the bad, and the UGLY!!

We will post a challenge every Monday morning; something for you to incorporate into your week.  Then on Friday mornings we will post a challenge for you to try over the weekend.   These challenges will all be easy to do, some are down-right fun, and will incorporate everything from food, fun with the family, and just taking a few moments for yourself.

Here’s to a happy, healthy July!


Let’s Go!

July 2nd Challenge:

Drink one large glass of ice water with lemon every morning this week upon waking.  Why?  Because drinking cold water will speed up your metabolism as your body works to heat it to your core temperature.  Drinking more cold water throughout the day will also help you eat less.  DRINK UP!



2 thoughts on “Let’s Live 80/20!!

    1. yay! How about the boys? My goal is to get all the kids fueling up on nothing but the good stuff! (Of course, yours are two of the lucky ones that already have that covered:)

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