Healthy Should Taste Good!

I wanted to give a shout out to my two amazing USA Baseball players that we had the pleasure of hosting in our home last week.  Brick Paskiewicz came from Arizona and Touki Toussaint from Florida to play in the USA Baseball Tournament of Stars featuring the top 18U players in the country. These are the guys we will see in the College World Series and out on the MLB fields in just a couple of years!

This was my family’s third year hosting two players and each year has been a wonderful experience for all of us, especially my children.  I always send the players a welcome email the week before their arrival and ask what their favorite foods are in order to begin to stock the pantry.  Not being used to feeding two BIG teenage boys, and elite athletes at that, I am always prepared to shop for items that do not normally have a space on my shelves…like pop-tarts, chocolate milk, and Lucky Charms:)  I knew they both liked eggs so I made eggs and bacon the first morning they were here and my favorite green mango smoothie for me but doubled the ingredients.  I ask them to give the smoothie a try and they drank it right up!   They also cooled off with frozen smoothie pops in the afternoon, snacked on fresh raspberries and blackberries, and finished off the edamame at dinner.  I could not have been happier when they told me, “We didn’t realize that healthy could taste this good.”   It made me realize that just adding in a few healthy items every week for those just starting down the healthy road is a great way to get started.  Little changes will eventually add up to a mountain of changes!

So thanks guys for trying everything I put in front of you!  Your good manners and sense of humor were truly appreciated.  You are both such great examples for my kids, showing them that working hard every day on their dreams WILL turn them into reality.  You will always have a bed in our home and a seat at our table.



For all of you up for the July 80/20 Challenge, check back here tomorrow for our first challenge of the month!  Let’s stay healthy and strong in July!


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