Live 80/20 in July Challenge

July is a very challenging time for me as well as many others when it comes to staying with the 80/20 rule.  What’s the 80/20 rule?  It’s just a little rule I like to live by, eat great 80% of the time and have a blast the other 20%.  My July involves much traveling, seeing family and friends, nutty baked goods, beer, wine, cook-outs, lots of Uncle Rays (home-made ice cream and frozen yogurt-mmmmmm)beer, wine(oh I already mentioned that), Mexican. Any way you get the picture.

This July we decided to do a 80/20 challenge for anyone who would like to help me, Melissa and many others stay on the 80/20 track while having fun at the same time.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • 30 days worth of fun-loving support as you celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Fun weekly challenges that are focused on eating right, exercise, spending time with your loved ones and YOU!
  • Healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and HAPPY HOUR!
  • Get up and go challenges to keep you moving.
  • Tips to jumpstart your metabolism (incase you spend the day lying in the sun, getting your vitamin D of course).

More to come on how to get in on the fun.

Happy first day of summer! -Andrea


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