Healthy Snacking Starts (REALLY!) Early


I was in Target yesterday when I saw this little guy happily munching away on his raw sugar snap pea. I asked his mom if I could snap his picture and blog about his healthy snack. After deciding whether or not I was dangerous and/or crazy, she agreed:)  (Actually, I am certain that she DID think I was crazy!)

My chance encounter immediately started me thinking about all the new moms and moms-to-be I have met recently. I wish I had the knowledge when Henry was a baby that I have now.  I met a mom through a play group 11 years ago that only gave her little ones veggies to snack on; their favorite was frozen peas!  I remember watching the little girl ambling about with her bowl of tiny frozen peas and thinking, “Wow, cool, ….but wacky!” Her kids had fruit for dessert and that was their sweet for the day.

Now I get it.  I potty-trained Henry by rewarding him with m&ms…he wasn’t even two!  What if I had rewarded him with blueberries?!  Kids that young are just forming their food preferences so why not help them prefer sugar snap peas to a McDonald’s french fry? Once I knew better and did better it was a lot harder converting him over to veggie snacks.  (We still go through a lot of Goldfish and pretzels around here.)  Kids will grow up and eventually want to try all the nasty stuff, but with years of the really good stuff under their belt maybe the bad stuff won’t taste all that great!

Many thanks to the mom of the beautiful baby with his healthy snack! Keep up the good work, you’re an inspiration!

Peas and greens,




3 thoughts on “Healthy Snacking Starts (REALLY!) Early

  1. Hi Melissa,

    Now I know your name! I am the mom you met in Target.
    Veggies and fruits are great and I did a similar thing with my daughter, who is now 8. She doesn’t like French fries that much and would rather have celery. The only downside that I faced was that she has always been on the very skinny side of the chart.

  2. Bet she did think you were a crazy lady. Hopefully she will look at your blog and see how good it looks to others.

    Have a great birthday this Sunday by the way. Helloes to your parents.

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