Living 80/20

One of my favorite little tips I learned while studying at IIN was the 80/20 rule.   Choosing whole foods 80% of the time and   enjoying treats like desserts, pizza, and alcohol 20% of the time is an easy way to get the benefits of a healthy diet without feeling deprived.  Eating greens and beans 100% of the time just isn’t sustainable and will probably lead to a major pig-out at some point!

Charlie and I shared this amazing pile of shrimp nachos on Saturday night.  I paired mine with a yummy lime margarita and loved every minute of it!

Peace and greens, (80% of the time:)



2 thoughts on “Living 80/20

  1. Melissa – great post. Michael and I recently did the 28 day Vegan challenge. We are continuing to eat mostly vegan and feeling amazing. I am sleeping so much better and am filled with energy from all the good things we are eating.

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