Sunbutter and Fruit for Lunch

Anyone with a family member allergic to nuts probably already knows about Sunbutter, but for those of you lucky enough to be allergy-free I thought it was worth a mention.  Sunbutter is made just like peanut butter or almond butter except it’s made with sunflower seed kernels.  Sunflower seeds are full of vitamin E and selenium and have been shown to lower cholesterol, help prevent colon cancer, lessen asthma and menopause symptoms, and act as an anti-inflammatory for the whole body.  My Charlie spreads Sunbutter on toast or a graham cracker, and usually loves it in a wrap with a banana and honey.

I say “usually” because he has lost interest in the banana, Sunbutter, honey wrap lately.  This has been a staple for him so I panicked a little when he started turning down my offers to make one for his lunch.  Then we decided to get a little more creative with what fruit we could pair with the Sunbutter and honey.  Thinly sliced apples, strawberries, mango?  Sounds a bit different but when you think about all the types of jam and jelly that we put with peanut butter it makes perfect sense.  Kids love to play chef and invent their own meals and Charlie has had fun thinking up new fruits to try with his Sunbutter.  Of course, peanut butter will work great for this too.  Let your kids pick out some fruit at the market (or make you a shopping list!), clean it, slice it, and let them play around with dipping it in their favorite nut or Sunbutter to see what combinations they like best.  You may get a few good school lunch ideas in the process!

Eat well,



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