Amazing Grace at 95

We are spending Spring Break on a road trip through the Mid-Atlantic states.  The highlight, and main purpose of the trip, was visiting my husband’s grandmother in New Jersey.  Grace is truly an inspiration!  At 95 years young, she lives alone, drives, socializes with friends and family, and enjoys a little Bailey’s Irish Cream every afternoon at 4:00! Feisty as ever, we had planned to take her out to lunch but arrived to a lunch she had prepared after a trip to the market.  The time we spent with her was filled with many stories that kept us all amused. My oldest son, Henry, has a real passion for history and hung on her every word.

Grace’s first husband died at a young age, leaving her to raise 3 sons on her own.  She remarried when her children were grown.  Her second husband died several years ago and she has outlived her 4 siblings.  Through it all,  she remains upbeat, happy, and a real joy to be around.  Other than the pain of arthritis, she is healthy and full of life.  No achy joints are going to keep her down!

This led me to contemplating the effects of positivity on health.  Rolling with life’s punches, making lemonade when life gives you lemons; this is the lesson I will take away from this special visit.   Thanks grandmom,  you’re both inspiring and amazing!

Be well,



3 thoughts on “Amazing Grace at 95

  1. Grandmom IS an amazing woman. I feel blessed to have her genes. Thanks for the nice tribute to her, Melissa. I bet she LOVED seeing you all! Happy Easter (almost).

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