Time to Plant the Broccoli…

I’ve mentioned my love of The Produce Box before…wonderful, fresh, local produce delivered to my door once a week from April to November.  If you are not in the Triangle area, I urge you to seek out your local CSA.  Helping out the local farmers in this tough economy feels really good!  Filling up my family with fruits and veggies that haven’t been picked two weeks too early so that they can make it halfway around the globe before rotting feels even better!  My kids had fun with the arrival of the box each week.  We’d talk about all the treasures inside and decide how to fix them.  We even took a farm tour at two of the farms and learned how the crops were planted and picked.

I’m thrilled that my first box of the season will be arriving soon!  I love this video of Farmer James planting the broccoli that will make it to our table in the next few months.  Share this with your kids!  It’s fascinating!

And for those of you locally who are interested in learning more about The Produce Box, here’s their link,  www.producebox.com

Peace and greens  -Melissa


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