I’m sure most of you saw the news yesterday regarding red meat. In case you missed it, the more you eat, the shorter your life. This really shouldn’t be jaw-dropping news to anyone, but when it is the first story on NBC and CNN it just reinforces what we have been hearing in whispers for a number of years.

When the Harvard School of Public Health advises eating less than 2 or 3 servings of red meat PER WEEK, it is probably time to make some drastic changes if you and your family are currently eating a lot more than that.  The easiest and healthiest way to lessen your consumption of meat is to replace it with other healthier protein sources that will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied.  By “crowding out” the bad with the good you will not only prolong your life but also build up protection against all disease.  Try replacing meat with fish, beans, legumes and greens.  Check out our recipe section for some simple vegetarian options.  This “news” has me more determined than ever to help everyone lean into a more plant-based diet!  I promise to continue searching for more delicious and easy meat-free recipes for you to fix your family!

Peace and greens  -M



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