Happy Ticker, Part Two

Happy Ticker, Part Two

Let’s talk cholesterol. LDL, lousy, keep it low! HDL, healthy, higher is good! When you

get a cholesterol test you will be given both of these numbers and their total.  Write them down.

Even though you have probably read in the media, or heard from your doctor, that a

total cholesterol of 180 is a fine place to be, it’s really not so fine. Most heart attack

victims have cholesterol in the range of 175-225.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Joel Fuhrman, both pioneers in the field of heart health,

have found that to be “heart attack proof” patients need a number of 150 or less.

Do you know your numbers? A simple blood test is all it takes. A simple, whole foods

based diet is all it takes to lower that number. There are a few superfoods that make

lowering your LDL cholesterol even easier. Stay tuned for part three when we discuss

how to add these super heart healthy foods into your diet.

Know your numbers!



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