My “Clean” experience, not what I had expected!

My experience with the clean was a little different this year.

I feel like I spent hours on my hands and knees scrubbing my floors, stepped back for a moment of admiration and then let all of the kids in the neighborhood run through my house wearing their muddy shoes. Translation: What was I thinking!

While on the clean I felt  great but honestly I did not feel THAT big of a change from how I was feeling before I started the clean. The difference  in  how I slept, my energy level, mood and weight had not changed.  So, I was a little disappointed when I was finished.  I think that is what led me to what happened next. I went crazy!  Not only did I eat the things that I don’t  normally eat but I ate them for a week straight.  Fried cheese, lots of bread,chips, dips, cake, cheese cake, steak, short ribs, wine.  It was almost like I was out for revenge! I was traveling, celebrated 3 birthdays and visited with family so there was a little instigation in there but that is really not a very good excuse.  My body felt horrible!  I am going back on the clean for another 3 days just to balance myself out.

Going back to the way I ate 6 or 7 years ago made me realize that I have been eating clean foods consistently and that is why I didn’t feel the marked difference while I did the clean this time.  That’s no longer my benchmark and I shouldn’t be disappointed but grateful. Healthy eating has become part of who I am and not just something I do for weeks at a time.  When I consistently ate all of those occasional foods, I was reminded of the stomach aches, head aches and body aches that I had everyday, not to mention sleeping horribly at night. I guess it took that week of crazy eating to make me realize how my eating habits really have changed.

We will all have our moments of crazy AND the power to bring ourselves back to good.

Keeping it clean .- Andrea


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