Clean Observations

I’m officially done with the Clean, and to be honest, the last week was harder than the first two.  I remember it getting easier the last couple of times, not harder, so I’m not sure WHAT that is all about!   However, I’m still glad I did it. I really do feel better and it  helped to “clean up” my eating habits that had taken a bit of a turn for the worse over the holidays.  Here are a few of my personal triumphs: kicked the sugar habit (I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really seem to have trouble with that nasty white stuff!  The more of it I eat, the more I want!  Then when I give it up cold turkey for a week or more, it really loosens its grip on me and I don’t crave it every hour.  So now that I have finished my official 21 day cleanse I am being really careful not to have much processed sugar at all.  Much easier for me that way. Yes, it truly sounds like a crack addiction doesn’t it?!), nails are stronger, yay!, skin is much clearer, another yay!, no dairy congestion, dropped a few pounds, feel lighter, brighter, greener, better.  All good!  So good in fact, that I will continue with many of the same recipes but have them for lunch AND dinner.  The green smoothies will always be my preferred breakfast…they really put me in a “kick-ass warrior- goddess” mood to start my day, and as you moms out there know, sometimes we need all the superhero powers we can find!

My husband REALLY stuck to the Clean like glue and is planning on continuing for another couple of weeks. He feels great and has lost 12 pounds so far.

Kuddos to my book club buddy, Libby!  A real skeptic at first, she decided to give it a try and was pretty amazed at the results.  She stuck with it for 18 days, lost 8 pounds, and was surprised by her clear sinuses when not having dairy. She says she feels good and will continue with some of the core principles as well.

Oh, and one more thing, those are Satsuma Mandarins in the picture.  If you see them at your market, snatch them up!  Originally developed in Japan, they are super easy to peel so they are great for lunch boxes, and amazingly sweet and yummy!

So, what are your Clean stories?  Please share!

xo  -M


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