Is It Possible To Crave Healthy Food?

Is it possible to crave healthy food?  The answer is yes.  Just as we crave more sugar, caffeine, refined carbs or processed food after consuming them for a significant amount of time, it is possible to turn those cravings around.  When you eat fruit, vegetables and whole grains on a regular basis your body becomes accustomed to eating wholesome foods and will begin to crave them.

I am currently on a business trip and staying with my sister and brother in-law for a few days.  When I got up this morning I found him making a smoothie, he too is doing the 21 day Clean.  This is what he had to say:

Andy inspired me to write this post.  This is NOT a man who craves vegetables so for him to make this statement on his own accord was pretty significant and I wanted to share it.

Crave something good! -Andrea


2 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Crave Healthy Food?

  1. What a great video! Sarah is a great camera person, specially when she checked out her man!!!!! I love you guys! This video made my day!!!!!!

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