Beans for snacking

Try this roasted chickpea recipe for a great snack.  Super simple, season anyway you like, and even the kids love them!   Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are full of fiber (1 cup contains half our daily fiber requirement!), protein, and iron, as well as a host of other nutrients.  Let your kids help decide how to flavor these…cinnamon and a little sugar is always a favorite with the little ones, but lemon zest and sea salt, cumin and curry powder, red pepper flakes, garlic…anything that sounds good to you.

Here’s the terribly difficult recipe:)

Drain and rinse one or two cans of chickpeas.  Pour onto a couple of paper towels to blot dry.  Place on rimmed cookie sheet, drizzle with olive oil and use your hands to mix them up and coat evenly. Sprinkle with your favorite seasoning.  Place in 450 degree oven for 40 minutes or so.  Shake pan every 10 minutes to ensure even roasting.  Chickpeas will be a little blistered and cracked when ready.  Start snacking!

Here is a link to the wonderful health benefits of this cute little kids call them heiny beans :0

Here’s to heiny beans!  -Melissa


2 thoughts on “Beans for snacking

  1. Some of us love these at our house. I’ve never tried the w/ cinnamon and sugar, though. I bet that would make a believer of the others! I’ve really been enjoying following your blog, Melissa. Keep up the great work!

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