Clean, Day 1

Sorry folks, I meant to post today’s meals much sooner and the day just got away from me.  Happens around here sometimes.

So on day 1 of the Clean I had a blueberry spinach smoothie for breakfast.  I make all smoothies big enough to serve two since my husband is “cleaning” with me.  Throw into a blender: a large handful of spinach, 8 ice cubes, about a cup of blueberries, a T of oat bran, 2 T flax meal, a dash of cinnamon, enough almond milk and ice water to cover the ingredients (plus an extra couple inches) and a tsp of agave syrup…blend and enjoy:)

Lunch was a big salad of baby spinach, steamed beets, broccoli sprouts, walnuts, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. It was delicious!  I had a handful of almonds later in the afternoon, herbal tea, and lots of water.

Another smoothie for dinner..this time mango with kale plus all of the ingredients that I added to the breakfast smoothie.  I was still hungry a little later so I had an apple with a T of almond butter (my favorite Clean snack!)   If you are starving the first couple of days on the Clean and know you’re going to jump in the freezer and devour the Haagen-Dazs, than have a little more smoothie at breakfast, a larger lunch, and supplement with a clean snack. There is no reason to be starving while cleaning!  Just try to be sure you’re truly hungry, not just bored or craving sugar.  After the first week you will need less snacks and have a lot more energy. Big bonus!  I figure I’d rather eat a little more in the beginning and stick with it, rather than giving in and trashing the whole thing altogether due to hunger.

I had book club tonight at a yummy restaurant and watched my buddies eat some pretty awesome looking stuff.  I ordered a chamomile tea:(  Not so fun, but I’m so glad I stuck to the Clean!  On may way to bed now, striving for at LEAST 8 hours every night.  I must admit that I have a slight headache and I’m exhausted but I’m happy to put day 1 behind me.  Look out Day 2, here I come…




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