Eliminating Dairy

I realize the photo has nothing to do with dairy. It is there because it is reminding us to eat more greens this week.  Fill up on greens, sneak them into smoothies, sandwiches and soup!

As I ramp up to Clean I am eliminating caffeine, sugar, and dairy this week.  If you have never eliminated dairy from your diet you may be surprised after giving it a try.  I love dairy, cheese and ice cream in particular, and it is not an easy thing for me to give up.  The first time I went without dairy was during my first Clean and after a week or so I had no reason for tissues any longer!  No blowing my nose every morning, no sore throats, no excess mucus.  I made the switch to almond milk, that was easy for me. Ice cream and pizza were harder to give up so I allowed them on occasion.  Over the past year I have had more ice cream and pizza and a lot more runny noses.  I look forward to seeing how my body responds in the next month with no dairy consumption.

A bothersome runny or stuffy nose is one thing, cancer is quite another.  The China Study will certainly motivate you to try a dairy-free diet.  The author, Dr. Campbell, found that the protein that most consistently promotes cancer is casein, which makes up 87% of the protein in cow’s milk.  His research verifies that the only protein that does not promote cancer growth is the protein found in plants.  Dr. Campbell writes, “In fact, dietary protein proved to be so powerful in its effect that they could turn on and off cancer growth simply by changing the amount consumed.”  He estimates tha “80-90% of all cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and other degenerative illness can be prevented, at least until very old age, simply by adopting a plant-based diet.”  Yes, greens are the way to go!  Well, that is enough info for me to at least dramatically cut down on my dairy. For the next month I will eliminate it completely and see how I feel.

Those of you not planning on joining us on the Clean, how about a week or two without dairy?  Keep a journal, let us know how you are feeling.

Peace and greens,



One thought on “Eliminating Dairy

  1. Great post. I know it’s really tough especially for teens, however taking out dairy is a cure all for many skin problems. If you have an acne prone child, try to take out dairy for 2 weeks and see if their skin clears up.

    Also, you can make great ice cream with Coconut Milk. If you can’t eliminate, just limit.

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