Joint Pain Relief

Did you start your new year with a new exercise routine? Do you suffer from Rheumatic or Arthritic Conditions? Which ever way this painful feeling has found its way into your joints there are foods that can promote joint pain or protect against it.

Rheumatism is pain in the joints, tendons, muscles, nerves and bones that are caused by common disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), bursitis, sciatica and gout.

Arthritis is associated with joint pain.

Wow I Feel Sore Today is a possible side effect of an hour-long Zumba class or a 3 mile run associated with a new years resolution after coming off of a 2 year exercise hiatus.

All of the above are indicators of mineral imbalances in the effected areas. There are foods available that may help you feel better.

Avoid foods that contain calcium inhibitors: excess meat or protein from any source; intoxicants such as coffee, alcohol, tobacco; refined sugar; excess salt; saturated fat; trans fat.

Limit foods that are high in oxalic acid such as: rhubarb; cranberries; plums; chard; beet greens; spinach.

Limit foods that contain solanine: tomato; eggplant; bell pepper; potato.

Eat foods that contain: Omega-3 such as salmon and flax seeds; vitamin C such as oranges, grapefruit, raspberries, mango, pineapple, papaya; vitamin E found in avocado, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, whole grain bread; selenium found in salmon, brazil nuts, oatmeal, brown rice.

The spices turmeric and ginger are great for joint inflammation. Pineapple not only helps with joint pain it is also found to relieve muscle soreness.

Try it out and see if it makes a difference in your body. Give it some time, you should see a difference in four to six weeks.

Build your body with materials you can be proud of. – Andrea


3 thoughts on “Joint Pain Relief

  1. This surprised me! I knew about the caffeine and sugar being bad, and I knew about the omega-3’s and turmeric,etc. being good, but I didn’t know about the oxalic acid or the solanine. Makes me sad about spinach. I also didn’t realize there was a calcium inhibitor connection or a protein connection. Hmm. I will start paying more attention.

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