Motivation to Clean

I’m excited that some of you out there are excited!  I did some research today reading reviews of Clean and some entries on the Clean community website, MyClean.  They are really motivating!  So many people have changed their lives on this program. You can not help but be inspired when you read about people with serious ailments who have found wellness in a few short weeks just by eating the right foods. These are people who have paid numerous physicians and been on bottles of medication. They have been given all sorts of different diagnoses and never once told to try a change of diet. Then they do the Clean and their health dramatically improves. Powerful stuff. Imagine what eating right must do for those of us lucky enough NOT to be ill.

Here are a few links to check out if you are on the fence.  I will tell you that I do not read the handful of one and two star reviews on Amazon.  There will always be those few people who don’t want to make a change and are not open-minded enough to at least try another way of thinking (and eating). I start with the 5 stars and work down from there…all the motivation I need.

There is one review in particular that I want to point out.  It is on the first page of 5 star reviews on Amazon and it is titled, “Finally, supplement alternatives!”  This is a woman who did a lot of research on the ingredients in Dr. Junger’s supplements and helps us out by listing and explaining them.  You can then decide if you would like to add a few supplements at a much lower cost than purchasing the Clean program online. But as you will read, many people have had great success with just the book, no supplements.

Here is the Amazon link…

Here is the link to the My Clean community.  It is great resource while doing the Clean for recipes, support, and motivation.

Let’s get motivated!




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