Washing produce..

BETTER! Only good snacks for the kids where they can reach them and my yummy water. I cut up half of a cucumber and half of a lemon in the morning and throw them in my favorite big pitcher filled with water. The goal...drink the whole darn thing before dinner!

So yesterday I cleaned out the pantry, today is the fridge.  I can’t believe I’m actually posting a picture of this disaster but hey, it’s just after the holidays and most of my house looks about like this!  I’ve given myself today and tomorrow to get it back in shape. Cleaning out the fridge is NOT my favorite job, but oh, how I love it when it’s sparkly clean with no old greens in the back corner!

A recent study at Tennessee State University found that the dirtiest part of the refrigerator is the veggie bin.  We bring home a head of lettuce, stick it in the bin, and it is covered in 2 million! bacteria per gram.  The best way around this mess is washing it with plain, room-temperature water. This can cut bacteria by 98 percent.  Here are the highlights from an article in Women’s Health Magazine:

If the skin is edible: scrub under running water 30-60 seconds. Scrub a bit with you fingers for stubborn hangers-on.

If it has a peel (like a banana or melon): Use a brush to get into the crevices for 30-60 seconds under running water.

Does it grow in a bunch?  After taking off stalk or stem where dirt can hide, run under hose nozzle for at least 60 seconds.

Leafy greens: Discard outer leaves, run under cold water 60 seconds, blot with paper towels or use salad spinner.  Even pre-washed containers should be cleaned at home.

Keep it clean!



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