Out with the old…

Happy New Year!  After a very relaxing holiday with my family, I am ready to get back into the swing of things!  First on my to-do list is a complete pantry and fridge overhaul. Somehow my healthy staples have been crowded out by the cookie tins, candy canes, and restaurant leftovers. I can’t wait to toss it all out today, assess what is left, and make my grocery list of clean, healthy foods.

January is a great month to organize your pantry. Throw out or give away anything you will be tempted to eat that isn’t doing something good for your body. If it’s not in there, you can’t eat it…neither can your children. (I don’t know about your kids, but mine have had enough sugar in the last two weeks to put them into a coma…of course the exact opposite actually happens and we have to peel them off the ceiling!)  Read the labels on the staples you use.  If there is a healthier alternative, give it a try.

Andrea and I are gearing up for our annual Clean in mid January and we will be filling you in on all the details in the next two weeks in case any of you want to join us.  We offer our Pantry Overhaul for anyone needing help starting 2012 in the healthiest way possible.  I am so excited for the New Year and hope that you all are ready to make it the best one yet.

Here’s to a year of wellness!



2 thoughts on “Out with the old…

  1. Oh my, I have so enjoyed your posts over the holiday! I loved all of your favorites and only winced at one…coffee creamer! I hate to admit it will probably be the last thing I ever give up, but I totally understand the reason for banning it from the frig. It is just bad…but I love it. And I really look forward to that first cup of Joe in the morning!

    Girls, keep up the great work of keeping us healthy in the New Year. Love your website!

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