Our Favorite Things Day 10

Pacifica Solid Perfume

I love this stuff!  I’m sensitive to most perfumes, it either makes me sneeze or my neck breaks out in little bumps, but Pacifica doesn’t irritate at all.   Tiny little tins of the most amazing all-natural scents. No parabens or phthalates, just a hint of scent inspired by nature.  I love the tin too, no chance of it spilling into my make-up drawer and it’s easy to throw in my purse for travel.  I’m into the Waikiki Pikake right now….jasmine and sandalwood, and the Brazilian Mango Grapefruit is perfect for summer. The hardest part is deciding what scent to buy next, but at $9.00 a tin I might pick out a few!  Just a hint to the husbands…they make a great stocking stuffer:)

Pacifica is available at Sephora, Whole Foods, or online at the link below. Their candles are awesome too!


Happy Holidays,



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