adding balance to the holidays

It is so easy to over indulge during the holidays. I think it starts with a big Thanksgiving dinner and goes down hill from there. There are holiday parties in the office, at school, and with family and friends all gathering together to celebrate the holiday season. Sometimes it’s hard to be good!

But, don’t despair. All does not have to be lost (or gained). Just add some balance to all of that celebrating. The adjustment may be big or it may be small, it depends on how “crazy” you’ve gone. Here’s an example:

There was an office party today with potluck galore followed by your fair share of a dozen or so of christmas cookies (because they were small). Balance that with a green salad for dinner and a smoothie for breakfast. If you hopped on the crazy train and took a 2 or 3 day trip, than balance that with a day or 2 of clean eating.

Save the boxes and bags for your Christmas gifts and eat simple whole foods. Eat in the simplest way possible. Eating food items with 5 or less ingredients is best, 1 ingredient is ideal. Try consuming more raw foods during this balancing out period: fruits, veggies and smoothies are great options. You don’t have to undo everything that you have been conscious to create in your life of wellness.

I once read a saying many years ago, ” Angels can fly because they are light on themselves.” This is the season of angels isn’t it? Don’t beat yourself up, balance yourself out.

Keep it Real. Keep it Simple. Make it Matter. – Andrea


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