Obese child taken from mother…


Most of you probably heard about this story in the news yesterday.  Such a sad situation without any quick fix in sight.  It begs the question, “How on earth does a young child reach over 200 pounds?”  Is it the mother’s fault?  I’m not sure how she could be entirely blameless. At just eight years old, this child would rely on his mother for at least the majority of his meals.  What is he being fed?  More importantly, what is he being taught about food and nutrition, about making good choices that help to fuel his body?

Pulling the child out of his home seems extreme, but then again, so is his situation.  Traumatizing this family by separating them does not sound like the answer.  But what is the answer?  Professional intervention, educating the child and his parents about making healthy choices?

I am really bothered by this story and would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts?  How can we reach out to those families in our own communities who may be struggling with childhood obesity?

Peace and greens,



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