At least it’s better than a drive-thru!

On the nights when we have two kids at soccer until 6:30 and one leaving for baseball at 7:00, dinner is not ideal.  I should have planned ahead to have something wonderful in the crockpot but some mornings I just don’t have 5 minutes to even get that put together. The easiest way to handle the chaos would be to go through the driv-thru, but I know that ANYTHING I can come up with at home will be better than that.

So here is an idea..mac, cheese, and peas!  My kids love a box of Annie’s Organic Macaroni and Cheese but I wanted to add a veggie so we added a half bag of frozen peas (thawed in the microwave first).  It was quite the hit. Henry added a sprinkling of bacon crumbles to his and said, “mom, this is awesome!”  Not exactly my cup of tea so I had a salad, but hey, they liked it, I got some peas in them, and we avoided the drive-thru.  Also a great lunch to make ahead of time and put in a thermos for their lunch boxes.  Next time, I’m going to try to add some spinach.


Peace and peas, Melissa


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