Best nutrition made easy…

A really easy way to choose the healthiest food for your family is the ANDI system at Whole Foods. (ANDI stands for the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index). They have labeled everything from produce, grains, processed foods, to cola, with a number from 0 to 1000.  Kale gets a score of 1000, cola gets less than 1!  Lowes Foods also has a system in place called  NuVal that is very similar. It ranks products on a scale of 1 to 100. I think this is a sign of great things to come.  If all the grocery stores in our country jump onboard, imagine how easy it will be for absolutely anyone to choose the right foods for their families!  Even those too busy, or just not interested, in reading the labels will have a very simple way to fill their shopping carts with the most nutritious foods in the market.  I used NuVal just the other day at Lowes to compare the loaves of bread. It’s actually pretty fun to see what the different numbers are on the products you currently eat and then look to see what other options are available that have an even higher number. As we, the consumers, become more nutrition savvy and begin choosing the more nutritious products we will force the food companies to up their nutrition game to get our dollars….I LOVE IT!

Here is a great article about the ANDI system…

Check out NuVal or ANDI today and let me know about your experience at the market!

Peace and greens,


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