Juice up your kids!

For my pickiest eater, Mae, I have to be more creative to get all the good stuff in her.  Luckily, she really loves the juicer!  Her favorite is carrot-apple.  We experiment with other veggies but she could drink a gallon of the carrot-apple juice on her own.  It’s really fun to have all the kids pick out a veggie or two at the market and then come home and let them try different combinations in the juicer.  My favorite is a bulb of fennel, a green apple, and the juice of a lemon. Sounds weird, tastes like a pack of Smarties to me:)  For the carrot-apple juice we use a whole bag of organic carrots and two green apples.  It bothers me that so much fiber is left behind.. but c’est la vie!  If we were to put the same ingredients in the Vita-Mix , the result would be a similar tasting smoothie full of fiber.  Unfortunately, Mae doesn’t love smoothies, not yet anyhow, but she goes crazy for the juices she can make herself.  Juicing fresh, organic veggies and fruit is a good way to get a lot of nutrients quickly digested.

If you use a juicer, you know about all of the pulp left behind in the machine. It was making me crazy that all the good fiber and lots of nutrients were going down the garbage disposal so I decided to save it in a freezer bag.  I used 2 cups of the pulp in a batch of pumpkin muffins a few weeks ago and it worked pretty well. I used it in place of the oil but the muffins were a little dry. Next time I will add 1 cup of the pulp and half of the oil.  Do any of you have any uses for the pulp?  I’d love some new ideas!


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