A Great Morning at the Western Wake Farmers Market!

I had a great morning at the Western Wake Farmers Market!  I initially went this morning to buy some sweet potatoes and, to my surprise, it was their Annual Craft Fair as well.  It is so inspiring to see all of the local artisans and their incredible talents.  Some of them making a living at it and others just sharing their hobbies, but either way, I just love it all.  It’s great to have such diversity all in one small space, a parking lot in Carpenter Village.  It may be cold out but the market is still full of delicious produce such as sweet potatoes, greens, turnips and peppers, just to name a few.  Combining the Annual Craft Fair with the Western Wake Farmers market brings such great energy to the space, being surrounded by people who do what they love and love what they do makes for a great way to start the weekend.  Some of my favorite artisans were a precious metal clay artist, Silverkiln, who specializes in original hand crafted silver jewelry, and photographer, A Simple Focus, who takes beautiful photographs of items that are sold at the Western Wake Farmers Market and turns them into fantastic wall art, note cards and calendars.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a food photo fanatic.

They also had food trucks this weekend and of course we had to try it.  Annie, Rylee and I all shared a Zucchini Pesto Linguini from the Triangle Raw Foodist.  The linguini noodles were made out of zucchini and they were covered in a delicious pesto with tomatoes and mushrooms.  They have a few menu items each day which change according to what is available since they use all local produce.  So, not only are you getting the great essential enzymes and nutrients that are destroyed when you cook your food, but it is the freshest of fresh because it’s all local.  I just loved what the Triangle Raw Foodist had going on and will definitely be following them in the future.  Another vendor that is cooking with local foods is Martin’s Curry Rice . On Tuesdays they make their menu items with local produce.  From what I understand, you choose your protein, veggies and the spices you want to add, and they cook it for you.  I am planning on going there for lunch this Tuesday so I will let you know how my experience was at Martin’s Curry Rice.

All in all it was a great way to start my Saturday and I am so thankful to the Western Wake Farmers Market for bringing such a great group of vendors together so close to my home!

Keep it real. Keep it simple. Make it matter. – Andrea


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