Artificial color and kids…

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, too much artificial color consumption scares me.  The controversy over  food color and its connection to ADD/ADHD has been going on for years. Could food dye make our children hyper, less able to focus? I find it interesting that the conversation usually stops there. What exactly is going on in their little bodies for a chemical to produce such a strong reaction?  Until I know for sure, I read the labels of everything I bring into the house and try to keep their intake minimal.  It makes me a little crazy on the days (and there are FAR too many in my opinion) that the kids come home from school with a box of Nerds or gummi worms that someone brought in for a birthday or they won as a “prize” in the classroom.  I imagine the teacher had a much rougher afternoon and the poor children were disciplined for not being able to sit still. A lose/lose situation.  Below  the video are links to  a couple of good articles discussing the artificial color controversy…

Peace and greens, Melissa


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